The artist statements are organized by series. Additionally,  an overarching statement is provided.


Leviathan Ceramic Series:

Ceramic beings with knotted muscles and salt-scaled flesh writhe in their skin.  They do not know their own faces; they must become the people they want to be before accepting individual identity.  They seek explanations for flaws and attributes where their tangible property is stored: in the furniture of their homes.  They believe themselves to be monsters; leviathans feared for their hunger and differences.

In this series, Noyes explores the process of becoming aware of oneself, one’s abilities and limitations.  She considers the connection between inanimate belongings and the development of self.



General Statement:

I build art to understand the way living spaces affect my thoughts and actions.  Through installation, ceramics, drawings and animation, an obsession with furniture and architecture emerges.  The vegetable chair with hard springs I held my baby sister on when we were kids, fat carved doorways, and the formica bar with aluminum edging – these are memories.

But more importantly, they are the things I leaned on or sat in as I grew up.  While I was forming opinions about the world, these objects and places were the building blocks of a physical rhythm I followed.  The distances I moved, the way I walked through space, the way I sat and lounged and played: my physical understanding of the world was formed by my navigation through the places and things I touched as a child.


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